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Personal Line of Credit

You're here for us. We're here for you.

Between the long hours, constant uncertainties, and never-ending payments, many of our members are dealing with significant financial stress. That's not right. We want Healthcare Financial members to spend time with their families and friends, not with their bills.

That's why we're offering a personal line of credit to relieve some of the pressure.

With your personal line of credit, you'll enjoy:
  • An introductory fixed low rate for 6 months at 5.99% APR*
  • Easy online access and transferal of funds
  • And more!

Best of all—you can use your personal credit for anything you need. 

You've helped us. Now, let us help you.

Apply for a Personal Line of Credit today!

Rates accurate as of 11/03/2022

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Introductory fixed rate of 5.99% APR for 6 months, variable rate thereafter. This introductory rate can be reviewed or withdrawn at any time. After 6 months - Risk Based Lending Rates Apply. Rate is based on the current Wall Street Journal Prime Rate plus a margin. Margins range from 3.99% APR to 8.99% APR depending on creditworthiness. Minimum line amount $1,000. Maximum line amount $15,000. Minimum Interest Rate 5.99% APR. Maximum Interest Rate 17.99% APR. Federally insured by the NCUA. Equal Housing Lender.


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