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Our History

On February 21, 1950, Connie Enright fulfilled his dream. Along with six fellow co-workers, he prepared a charter certificate to form a credit union and submitted it for approval to the National Credit Union Administration, the federal agency that regulates federal credit unions.

On March 24, 1950, the Grace New Haven Hospital Employees Federal Credit Union was officially formed. The first volunteer Board of Directors was soon formed to include Connie Enright, John Mantz, Mary Jane Bossa, Mabel Martin, Helen McKeon, Raymond Brown, and Mary DeCrosta. Located in the Winchester basement of the hospital, the credit union opened its doors for business under Connie Enright's management.

Over the years the name of the credit union changed; first to Yale New Haven Hospital Employees Federal Credit Union, and then to Yale New Haven Healthcare Federal Credit Union. This last name was formed to reflect the many healthcare facilities and organizations affiliated with Yale New Haven Hospital. In 1993, the credit union opened its doors further to include family and household members of the membership.

In 2012, the credit union was approved for a new charter - Trade Industry Professional - TIP for short. This paved the way for us to grow and to be able to serve more of the healthcare community. Membership is now open to all healthcare employees in the State of Connecticut.

Because we support the important work of those in the healthcare field and the tremendous value that they give to the public, we felt it was important that the name of the credit union should reflect just that.

We are now - Healthcare Financial Federal Credit Union. Though our name and look have changed, our commitment to serve you, our members, by continuing to offer the best products and services never will.

In 2016, we welcomed the members of Bridgeport Hospital Federal Credit Union to our family!

Today, more than seventy years later, the credit union has grown from a handful of members in the early days to more than 8700, offering financial products and services that Connie Enright and the original Board of Directors could only dream of. As we continue to grow, we will stay committed to the ideals of the founding members - to provide affordable financial services with professional and personalized service.



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