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Other Services

Check Reorder

The Credit Union, in Conjunction with Harland- Clarke Liberty Check printers, now offers EZShield™ check fraud protection program.

EZShield™ protects against:

  • Forgeries
  • Check Alterations
  • Possible compromised credit reports

Order Checks

Money Order

Personal Money Orders are available for occasions when cash is not an option and a check is unacceptable for payment. Money orders are a great alternative to cash and checks for any payment. The fee is minimal for the peace of mind you will receive by not carrying the cash with you. The maximum amount per money order is $1,000.00.

Notary Public

When an official document needs to be notarized (confirming signatures), members can take advantage of our Notary Public service at the credit union office. There is no charge to members for this service.

For more information, contact Member Services.

Wire Transfer

If you need to have funds sent to another account, whether just once or on a regular basis, you can use Wire Transfer, even to an overseas account. In most cases the funds arrive at the destination account on the same day they are sent.

For more information, contact Member Services.

EverReady Teller

EverReady Teller Telephone Access

1.800.463.1861 or 203.680.8600

Our EverReady Teller allows free 24/7 telephone access to credit union accounts from any touch-tone telephone using a confidential four-digit access code. Your credit union accounts are as close as the nearest telephone!

  • Obtain balances
  • Make transfers between authorized accounts
  • Verify cleared checks and deposits
  • Withdraw funds and have check mailed
  • Check balances as often as desired at no charge

A combination of 2 free counter and EverReady Teller withdrawals permitted each month; a nominal fee charged for each withdrawal beyond 2. No share draft (check) withdrawals permitted via Ever Ready Teller.

Credit Reports

Under the FACT ACT, Federal law allows you to obtain a FREE copy of your credit report annually from all three reporting agencies. Each reporting agency collects and reports information in different ways and may have different information.

Every consumer should take advantage of FREE annual credit reporting to monitor and review the accuracy of the information and to help fight identity theft.

You can request your FREE credit report by phone 1.877.322.8228, by mail, or online using the Free Annual Credit Report link below. Please be aware that you are NOT required to pay for your free annual credit report and you may be prompted to purchase a credit monitoring service.

Free Annual Credit Report

Credit Reporting Agencies


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