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Loan Applications


Here you'll find links to all the applications available on our site.

A current paystub is required to process your application.

Please email your paystub to: or fax pay stub to 203.680.8459 attention: Online Application and please include your daytime phone number. Before faxing please make a copy of the pay stub to ensure readability. Pay stubs that cannot be read only slow down the process.

Any incomplete Loan Applications cannot be processed so please be sure that you fill out all applicable areas, submit and receive confirmation. Thank You.


Healthcare Financial Federal Credit Union

NMLSR ID #766480

Debra A. Henley

NMLS ID #774905

Mark Ahern

NMLS ID #175700

Barbara Findley

NMLS ID #832359

Terri Laughner

NMLS ID# 691281

Josephine I. Savino

NMLS ID #774903



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