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Fee Schedule

Effective 11/01/2022

Share Draft/ACH/ATM/Courtesy Pay Insufficient Funds $35.00
Share Draft/ACH/ATM Paid by Transfer $5.00
Charge for over 6 withdrawals or transfers on a
savings or Money Market account per statement cycle
$5.00 per withdrawal or transfer
NSF Deposited Item $30.00
Stop Payment $30.00
ACH Stop Payment $30.00
ACH Notification of Change $10.00
Copy of Paid Share Draft $5.00
Copy of a Statement (each) $5.00
Copy Requests $0.50 per page
Duplicate Release of Lien or Title $30.00
Replacement Loan Coupon Book $7.00
Interim Statement (each) $5.00
Invalid Address Fee - Returned Statement $2.50 per statement
Paper Statements (ages 60 & older exempt) $2.00 per statement
Reconcile or Reconstruct a Statement (By appointment) $20.00 per hour

Research Request

We will charge this fee for research related to your account
that we conduct at your request.

$25.00 minimum fee

Escheat Fee


Levy/Garnishment $25.00
ATM Network Fee $2.00
ATM Replacement Card $15.00
FAX Data Request $2.00
Domestic Wire Fee $25.00
International Wire Fee $35.00
Incoming Wire Fee $10.00
Money Orders (up to $1,000) $3.50
Audio Response Checks* $4.50
Corporate Checks over $1,000* $4.50
Inactive/Dormant Fee** $5.00 per month
VISA Late Payment Fee $25.00
VISA Replacement Card $15.00
VISA Over-the-Limit Fee $25.00
VISA Returned Payment $25.00
VISA Same Day Payment $25.00
IRA Annual Maintenance Fee $15.00
Early Closure of Holiday, Vacation or Quarter Club $15.00
Set of Twelve (12) Temporary Checks $10.00
Fresh Start Checking $10.00 per month


Disclosure & Fee Schedule Effective 11/01/2022

*After 2 checks in a given month
**No activity on a savings account for 6 months and the member has no other open account or loan relationships with the Credit Union.

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