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Debit Cards

Visa Debit Card

Not only can you access your account at over 200,000 ATM locations throughout the U.S. and worldwide, but your Visa Debit Card is a fast and easy way to pay for everyday spending. The money for purchases always comes right from your checking account, just like a check. Here are some of the benefits of having the Master Money card in your wallet:

  • Accepted at millions of places - You can use your Visa Card for just about everything: fast food, gas, online purchases, and even to pay bills.
  • Speed through checkout - Just insert your Visa Card or present it when you're ready to pay. Don't forget to say "Credit Please".
  • Get added purchase detail - Every purchase is itemized on your monthly Checking account statements and online. So it's easy to track your spending.
  • Receive protection against fraud - Your account is monitored 24 hours a day to detect and prevent fraud. We will notify you of unusual activity and protect you from Debit Card Fraud.

Debit Card Activation and PIN Selection

To activate your debit card and select or change your Personal Identification Number (PIN) please call, 1-800-757-9848.

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