Take control of your debit and credit card with CardBeat!

Turn Your Card On, or Off… in seconds!

Misplaced your card? Or, worse yet lost it? Turn your card off instantly. Found it? Turn it back on just as quickly! Turning your card off doesn’t automatically reissue a new card, just prevents it from being used while you are searching for it in your car, pocket or bag. It’s great for those “just in case” moments. And, if it doesn’t appear…then you can reorder a new one.


Manage How Your Card is Used

You’re in control. Manage how, when, and where your cards are used – on your own terms. Set controls by:

  • Transaction types: in store, online, mail/phone, auto pay at ATMs
  • Geographic rules: GPS capabilities can limit where your cards is used, or assure it’s only able to be used when with you
  • Merchant types: department stores, grocery, gas station, restaurants etc.

Protect yourself with real-time alerts

Whether you are worried about unauthorized uses or trying to set and stick to a budget, CardBeat’s real-time alerts can be set to notify you of your debit or credit card being used. Set up alerts for everyday usage like transactional dollar limits and to stop fraudulent activity. Based on your preferences, real-time alerts are sent based on your preferences. Alert preferences can be set by location, transaction or merchant type and threshold (i.e. transactions over $500). The power is yours to deny the transaction or turn your card off.

Getting Started with CardBeat

Available for iPhone and Android devices. Just follow the simple steps below: (FYI: the app will also guide you through the process)

  • Launch the app on your Apple or Google device.
  • Tap the Login Button.
  • As a new user, you will be prompted to set up your account by providing card credentials and going through additional user-verification checks. (Remember, your card information will not be stored on your device.)
  • After entering your information, click Submit, then Agree to the presented Terms and Privacy Policy.
  • You will be prompted to create your user profile.

Once you’ve completed your profile, you’ll be ready to go! For further assistance with CardBeat, please call 203.680.8668.

Download the app today!

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