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Account Solutions

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit of your paycheck, Social Security check, pension check, or any regularly received check saves you time because your funds are transferred automatically to your Healthcare Financial Federal Credit Union account. It is convenient because there is no need to come to the credit union to deposit or cash your check. It's secure and reliable because your funds arrive electronically every time they are due. It is simple because once you set it up, it reoccurs regularly until you change it.
To set up, you will need our routing and transit number, also known as ABA Number. It is: 211178349

Direct deposits can be made to both your savings or checking account. For your savings account number, please use your member number.

Payroll Deduction

You can also choose to have a portion of your pay allocated to the credit union as a deposit into Savings, Checking or a payment on a Healthcare Financial Credit Union loan. We can also set up other allocations as well.

As with all direct deposits, to set up, you will need our routing and transit number, 211178349, and your savings or checking number.

If you have any questions or need more information, contact Member Services. Please do not include any sensitive information when emailing us.

Direct Payment

Direct Payment allows you to set up automatic payments like insurance premiums directly from your credit union account, avoiding late payments or defaults. Direct Payments are only allowed through checking accounts.

You may be asked for the credit union's bank routing and transit number as well as your checking account number for automatic clearing purposes.

Check Copy

The easiest way to obtain these numbers is from the bottom of your Healthcare Financial Federal Credit Union's share draft check. The last digit of the account number on the check (in the above example is a "5") is a check digit and must be provided to the company you want an automatic payment to flow through.

Our routing and transit number, also known as ABA number, is: 211178349

For more information, contact Member Services.

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